About Mehvarneshan

Why you should choose Mehvarneshan?

Providing different services, accuracy, and speed are the key to our success. The Mehvarneshan Shargh Trading Group Inc. since its establishment, has founded its professional charter and policy based on providing the best services to meet the needs of customers. This complex, with a brilliant track record in clearing goods from other customs of the country and with employing expert and experienced staff, is ready to provide all secure and sustainable business services.

The history of Mehvarneshan

Mehvarneshan Shargh Trading Group has begun its activity with the aim of upgrading the level of technical knowledge and engineering capability since 2007. After undertaking numerous projects in the field of goods import, goods clearance, engineering design, supervision and implementation of various projects, the managers of the complex established the Mehvarneshan Shargh Trading Company in 2011 with the central core of commerce. The goals of the founders of the company have grown with the efforts of other specialist partners and colleagues and have been updated based on the latest executive achievements. In addition to working in the field of commerce, the company has established direct links with European and Asian companies and presented their products in the domestic market for use in various projects. Obviously, this has been realized due to the extensive international relations with the supplier companies and up-to-date business knowledge of the experienced staff of this complex.

Certificate Of Membership

Mehvarneshan Shargh Trading Company is proud to play a constructive and productive role in enhancing the quality of the country’s industry supported by its technical-business knowledge and its continued activity in various fields of business and supplying the world’s most prestigious brands. In providing various products, the criteria for choosing the goods needed by different employers have been the reputation of the manufacturing company, quality, utilization of new technologies, high efficiency, optimization of energy consumption, preserving the environment, and being smart.

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