Air Transportation

The transfer of cargos from passenger and commercial freight gates to wherever the planes are capable of flying and landing is called air transportation. The air freight has been used for the first time in 1911 to carry postal items. The features of express transfer of air transportation introduce it as a valuable option to carry time-sensitive cargoes to almost everywhere in the world. Imports by air transport also provide the advantage of having a high level of security such as airport control over air transfers, which is seriously managed.


The Air Transportation Customers

The customers of air transport are businessmen who often carry low-weight and low-size but high-value goods or those who, in any way, require that their goods arrive at the destination in the shortest possible time. Some of these importers are:

• The importers of mobile phones, mobile phones parts, and related accessories
• The importers of laptops, computer parts, and related accessories
• The importers of flash memories, external hard drives, and power banks
• The importers of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies that should reach their destination as quickly as possible.
• The importers of petrochemical equipment
• The importers of perishable goods
• The importers of luxury automobile parts
• The importers of electronic components

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