All kinds of industrial machinery

Mehvarneshan Shargh Trading Group, benefiting from experts in the field of industrial machinery import, performs the clearance of the following goods professionally. The complex also has the ability to receive customs exemptions for some industrial goods.
• All kinds of industrial machinery
• Various production lines
• A variety of tools and hardware
• Different types of cooling and air conditioning devices, including: Splits, Duct Splits, Chillers, Air Handling Units, Cooling Towers, etc.
• Steel and cast-iron boilers of different capacities
• Printing machines
• Packaging machines
• Agricultural and horticultural machinery that performs plowing, planting, and harvesting operations. All kinds of sprayers and hand tools like drills and milling, etc.
• All types of hoists, elevators, forklifts, cranes
• All types of pumps (hydraulic lifts), including industrial and non-industrial
• Weighing machines and weight bridges
• Air and liquids compressors
• Hospital waste incinerators
• Milling and turning (machining) machinery (metal molding – metal melting – metal rolling)
• Welding and cutting machinery
• Road construction machinery such as bulldozers, loaders, and graders
• Faucets and industrial valves
• All types of internal combustion engines: Gasoline-, diesel-, and gas-based
• All types of power generators with complete equipment
• Industrial and automotive drive motors
• Laboratory machines and sterilizers
• Home appliances such as washing machines and dishwashing, etc.
• Data processing devices such as servers, PCs, and calculators
• Cryptocurrencies miners like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.
• All kinds of medical equipment, including specialized and non-specialized devices

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