Banking and currency affairs

Banks play an important role in international trade, as discussed in the section of exporting goods, which is usually done by developing internationally accepted solutions such as SWIFT and their credentials. Recently, due to numerous problems caused by sanctions in the international relations of Iranian banks, the import of goods and exit of currency shall be carried out with the official permit and approval of Iran’s Central Bank and the allocation of the currency in one of the following methods:

• Import by the currency purchased from the banking system to open credit
• Import by free currency to open credit
• Import versus export by the export license (retired export license) in the name of the exporter (non-transferable)
• Import versus export by presenting the export license in the name of the exporter or in another name with official transfer (the right of transfer to another person can be done once)
• Imports without currency transfer by a foreign investment after approval by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance
• Imports without currency transfer based on the list of authorized items

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