Proforma, Order Registration License, Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Insurance Policy, Bank Specifications

A business card is a document through which you can export and import goods, which is issued by branches of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines in the name of applicants whether natural or legal persons.

Customs duty is the amount determined and received by the tariff table annexed to this Act.

The commercial benefit tax is an amount determined based on the Foreign Trade Monopoly Act enacted by the Cabinet.

The customs costs are funds that their amount and terms are determined subject to the approval by the Cabinet for unloading, freighting, loading, and extra servicing.

It is a number that will be cited in all subsequent inquiries and correspondence of the goods owner with the Customs. In short, it is the case number of each item is the importing freight bill.

No, these companies can comment on the quality and quantity of the commodity as well as its packaging.

Yes, the owner of the card will be responsible for all the tax and customs consequences and outcomes of the violations.

Yes, but the owner of the goods or the agent must submit an application to Bandar Abbas Customs for internal transit of the commodity to one of the Tehran Customs offices.

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