Goods Order Registration

The first step for importing goods into the country and clearing them from customs is to obtain a license to register an order of goods. The order registration permit must be obtained before the entry of goods to the customs and at the time when the buyer has not confirmed the proforma invoice so that if the permit was not issued, the importer will not suffer losses. If this license is issued, the importer has the right to finalize his order with the seller. All importers, after receiving the proforma, in accordance with Article 8 of the Export and Import Law of Iran, must obtain the import or goods order registration permit.

The text of this Article is as follows:
The importers of various commodities, whether governmental or non-governmental, must apply exclusively to Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mines and Commerce to obtain the permit for importing and order registration. This license is indeed the authorization of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade for importing goods into the country. It is therefore advisable for the importer to accept the proforma after obtaining this permit so that he will face no problem with prohibiting the entry of goods into the country.

The changes made in the order registration process in 2019 has brought new problems as follows, which are informed briefly: Due to changes made in the currency policies and banning imports without currency transfer and the transfer of all the data to the new system of trading, two types of licenses and approvals are issued in two different centers. The former relates to the commodities of the reference currency, which is offered at the rate of 4200 Tomans. The second type includes Priorities II, which is assigned by NIMA currency. The reference currency commodities are reviewed in Tehran Province, Ministry of Industries and Mines. The Priorities II commodities are reviewed in the old building of the Ministry of Commerce, located in Valiasr Square, Tehran and in other cities, in the offices affiliated with the Ministry of SAMT, in their provinces depending on each city, and finally, the approval will be obtained from Tehran.

Earlier, the merchants were able to order and import any item with a business card. At present, the production units and licensed businesses directly or by their own trade union contract and letter from the merchant are authorized to import the goods, which is possible and subject to the contract of import and supply of goods required by guilds or unions or the production order to the merchant.

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