Import licenses

The licenses that must be obtained for importing goods are as follows:

• Obtaining a valid business card in the name of the importer
• Obtaining import licenses for each item separately, which are not the same for different goods.
• Obtaining a certificate of health and quarantine for the goods (livestock, vegetable, as appropriate)
• Standard certificate (if the goods are subject to mandatory export standard requirements)
• Obtaining the atomic energy certificate (as applicable)
• Providing the packing list, if the products are different
• Proforma Invoice and Invoice


Documents related to the import of goods

• Proforma Invoice and Invoice
• Packing List
• Bill of Loading (BL), in cases the goods are shipped
• Warehouse bill (in cases where the goods are reached at the customs warehouses)
• The original and copy of the business card
• The export license for conditional authorized goods
• Presentation of health certificate (for exporting vegetable products)
• Presentation of the standard certificate (for goods that observing standard declared mandatory)
• Certificate of Origin
• The original and copy of the letter of attorney (in cases where the declarant of the good to the customs is a non-owner)
• Official letter of introduction to introduce the representative
• The import or importing goods declaration made by the owner of the goods or his legal representative, in which, the information required by the customs is available.

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