Land Transportation

Land transportation is one of the most common and prevalent types of transportation in the world. By increasingly benefiting from small roads to transit superhighways, land transportation can be known nowadays as the main type of goods freight around the world. Our country, Iran, has had an active role in the field of international trade and transportation from a long time ago and this brilliant record can be seen on the Silk Road where has been the meeting place of many businessmen from all over the world. According to the type of activities of our country businessmen, importers, and exporters with European countries, land transport has always been popular among these segments. Although there have been many ups and downs between EU-Iran relations, the trend has continued, and even after the post-sanctions era, new blood flowed through the veins of the land transportation system. Land transportation, given the cost-effectiveness of the final costs, compared to the air freight, shorter time than shipping, and considering the no-need for the transit of goods like shipping from one customs to another customs has always been of interest and has benefited from these advantages.

The importers and exporters working with European companies are customers of the ground transportation services. These customers are those who have bulky and heavy goods in any way that are not worth carrying by planes nor do they have the time to be shipped by the sea. The customers of this group are Intermediate Trading Companies that work on a project and stock basis that most of their clients are petrochemical companies, construction companies, manufacturing companies and workshops, private and public development projects, etc.

• Instrumentation commodities and supplies, including flowmeters, level gauges, fluids flow rate control systems
• Air analyzer systems, pressure and air transmitters
• Industrial valves, including ball valves, globe valves, gate valves, and other accessories such as positioner
• Water supply pumps
• Vacuum and solution pumps
• Screw compressors, piston cylinder compressors, pressure compressors
• Parts of steam turbine components, medical centrifuges, industrial fans
• Industrial kitchen appliances, including industrial ovens, confectionery industries, and airplane trolleys
• Medical equipment such as orthopedic cements, medical implants, operating room equipment
• High-pressure and low-pressure switches, Flow computer

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